ALIFE 2022 - La DOLCE Vita

ALIFE 2022 - La DOLCE Vita

The International Conference in Artificial Life brings together world-leading researchers to discuss the latest advances in the synthesis and simulation of living systems.

Trento (online) - Italy, 18th-22th July 2022.

Manuel will be a Co-organiser of ALIFE 2022 - La DOLCE vita (Discoveries On Life, Complexity and Evolution for the improvement of real lives).

This year’s conference theme, La DOLCE vita, will explore how to improve the quality of real life for all using techniques and discoveries from the ALife field. This will cover various topics including (but not limited to): the creation of artificial cells and organisms for health and technological applications, engineered ecosystems for improved environmental quality and sustainable agriculture, virtual/augmented reality creations with positive social impact, the well-being of our digital infrastructure, AI and ALife algorithms for equitable access to resources and accurate information, AI, ALife or robot assistance for those in need, AI, ALife or robot applications for food production and distribution, the regeneration, redistribution and reuse of everyday resources, microbial fuel cell systems for renewable energy, and other innovative technologies for social good.

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